About Us

Savoy Entertainment

We are a company that can meet your dancing needs, even ones you didn’t know you had! We teach our own classes in person and online, we can DJ, host, perform and teach at your event or any combination of the above.

Are you looking for a space to feel comfortable to dance in? Have you always wanted to dance and just never known where to start? Does dance excite you? Are you looking to do an activity that’s just about you? Do you watch Strictly and always say ‘I wish I could do that’?

You’ve found the place for you!

Jo and Louise have been a partnership for over 10 years; together we bring over 30 years of dance experience in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa & Jive to the dance floor. Jo teaches ballroom & Latin and together they organise their own dance events and dance competitively on the equality circuit, they are the highest ranking British Latin couple at the World Championships (2018) and the European Games (2019).

What our customers have to say

“Savoy Entertainment are absolutely that – born entertainers who have a passion for giving each event that little bit of extra sparkle and pizazz.  Their tea dance was the best we’ve been to; a perfect mix of great music, social dancing and some fabulous performances.  They’re great teachers as well, and can get a hall full doing a simple routine in five minutes.”


“Savoy Entertainment provide great classes, lessons and events, with something for all levels of dancer, from complete beginners to advanced dancers. As successful competitors, they really know their stuff. But, they’re not stuffy or pretentious, instead they really want everybody to have the best time and put massive effort into making that happen.”


“The Great British Tea Dance in Lewes was a true pleasure to attend. An impressive celebration of vintage with elegance, style, decadence and an amazing opportunity to get those vintage dresses and costumes out for an afternoon of splendid fun whether you want to dance to vintage music, spectate or do a solo dance. There is something here for all ages and abilities to sample and be delighted by. Thankyou.”


Want to find out more about what we do, attend one of our events, or learn how to perform your favourite moves from Strictly?

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