Beginners 2

Beginners 2




8pm – 9pm


Court Farm Studios, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9PB


£8.25 per lesson
Card / Exact cash

These classes are for you to build on your learning and understand of your basic, foundation steps, with your next set of steps.

Each week Jo will teach 1 Latin & 1 Ballroom dance.

Think of these classes like a wheel, you can jump on and off the wheel as your life dictates; you won’t miss anything by jumping off and re-joining when convenient because Jo keeps repeating classes. If you are able to commit and come regularly that provides you with the opportunity to improve your dancing quicker.

Some of the easier dances Jo will teach different things but there are no more than 2 different lessons.

Let us explain: for instance, 1 week when you learn Ballroom Tango you will learn a Reverse Turn, in the next class you will learn a Back Corte. However, the NEXT class will be back to the Reverse Turn and so on around the wheel of learning.

Why do you do that Jo?

This enables someone who may have learnt the first move quickly, something new to learn and for someone who would like reinforcement of moves before progressing on, they will be confident in the basic step and have the challenge of learning the variation. If you also are someone who needs to dip in and out of the wheel of learning you will not have missed huge chunks preventing you from re-joining the class.

Some of the harder dances I do repeat the same steps each week and you don’t learn any new steps until you progress on to Improvers.

There is no course with up-front costs and the classes do not progress, each class is it’s own lesson and when you are ready to learn more variations you will change to Thursdays improver class.

Have you already been attending Beginners 1? Chat to Jo about moving to Beginners 2.

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