No! They’re too busy concentrating on themselves to notice if anyone else has got it wrong.

The brain is a muscle, research shows ballroom dancing is a productive activity for brain health because the body is doing something active and creative while the brain is juggling the details of navigating space, maintain conversation & processing music.

And it’s FUN!

Turn up! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk anything over before starting.

If you are new to my classes on Thursdays, please have a quick chat to check the lesson is the right fit for you.

Ballroom & Latin has it’s own dance technique and foundations, your experience may mean you learn those very quickly and can progress on but you may want to have a chat before you start.

Of course, you can dip in and out of classes as you like but you will have to wait for that dance to come around again or have private lessons.

There’s no expectations, be comfortable and wear what you’d like.

We hold Tea Dances throughout the year, please check out our events page.

It is lovely to do something for your other half and they will appreciate the effort you are showing by coming to learn. My Beginners 1 class is your opportunity to try a class and see how you like it, by paying on the night there’s no upfront costs. everybody will learn at different speeds and there is no pressure on anyone to learn everything in one go. I usually find it’s more often a fear of learning than an issue that is impossible to overcome through practice.

I wouldn’t be an equality dance school if I said yes BUT I do not guarantee you will have a partner if you come alone. We regularly change partners in class and you would have a partner then, otherwise you can practice your own steps.

You will have completed a minimum of 10 classes in beginners 1, which is every lesson twice, not necessarily consecutively or we will have discussed your personal circumstances.

To begin with? No.

Ideally you don’t want to wear rubber soles as when you turn they can stick to the floor when attempting to use the correct technique! Only wear heels if they’re a comfortable shoe you regularly use. In an ideal world you want a smooth soled comfortable shoe. If you’re interested in recommendations about a dance shoe, ask me.

You will have completed a minimum of 10 classes in beginners 2 which is every lesson twice, not necessarily consecutively and you are demonstrating a confidence in leading or following your partner or we will have discussed your personal circumstances.

You are able to lead or follow different partners, you have a good range of steps and are looking to improve how you dance and learn a more complex range of moves.

My main aim is to teach you to be the best social dancer you can be. In order to do that you would be someone who can confidently lead or follow anyone on the dance floor. By only ever dancing with your own partner, you don’t always know that your partner is not helping you by doing their own steps rather than following or waiting to be led.

Changing partners can defuse the stress that may be building up between you, you wouldn’t talk to another dancer the way you would talk to your partner and this contributes to limiting the opportunity for a domestic to occur in class! When you then dance together again, you usually find it is so much more successful than before.

The equality language I use is to remove the old school terminology of Man & Lady. Anyone can lead – previously traditionally the man, and anyone can follow – previously traditionally the lady.

18 +