7pm – 8pm: Beginners 1

8pm – 9pm: Beginners 2


7pm – 8pm: Intermediate

8pm – 9pm: Improvers

Your week one of learning is the first class you come to!

Think of these classes like a wheel, you can jump on and off the wheel as your life dictates, you won’t miss anything by jumping off and re-joining when convenient because Jo keeps repeating classes. If you are able to commit and come regularly that provides you with the opportunity to improve your dancing quicker.

These classes are at Court Farm Studios in Falmer, Brighton BN1 9PB. Classes are £8.25 you can pay by card or with exact cash on the night.

Beginners 1

Never danced before? These classes are for you to learn and understand your basic, foundation steps.

Beginners 2

These classes are for you to build on your learning and understand of your basic, foundation steps, with the your next set of steps.


You will either have completed enough classes with Jo in Beginners 2 or be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic, foundation steps to attend this class


You have a good range of steps and are looking to improve how you dance and learn a more complex range of moves

Private lessons

This is your opportunity for detailed, personalised learning.