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Could you learn just 1 or 2 dances?

Of course, you can dip in and out of classes as you like but you will have to wait for that dance to come around again or have private lessons.

How do you progress from Beginners 2 to Improvers?

You will have completed a minimum of 10 classes in beginners 2 which is every lesson twice, not necessarily consecutively and you are demonstrating a confidence in leading or following your partner or we will have discussed your personal circumstances.

How do you get started with Savoy Entertainment?

Turn up! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk anything over before starting. If you are new to my classes on Thursdays, please have a quick chat to check the lesson is the right fit for you.

Why do you change partners in class?

My main aim is to teach you to be the best social dancer you can be. In order to do that you would be someone who can confidently lead or follow anyone on the dance floor. By only ever dancing…